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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear driver, please be aware that the speed limit is no longer 60kph.

Also, please watch out for kangaroos.


Nesodden has kangaroos!!!


Nesodden has kangaroos???

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KK at the top of the hill waiting for the carnage below to clear out.

KK post downhill.

There were three other girls on the dogsledding expedition with us (okay, maybe "expedition" is stretching it a little) and they all fell off at least once. So I guess there is some agility involved in standing on a moving dogsled!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Around Tromsø

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cuter than Quail

Seeing as how since the advent of baby quail in my life the top of the cuteness scale has been hard to achieve. I finally found something cuter than quail though, these little bags in which I can send out BootBuddies! I know it's the end of the season already but I really want more people to order online so I can send out bootbuddies in my new bags (pink goes in pink & the others in black, unless otherwise requested). I love having a business. It is so much fun. New stationery, anyone?

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kristina Owen is representin' BootBuddies over in maine!

Good luck to everyone racing there :)

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

We sold some BootBuddies at the Canmore World Cup Festival last weekend! It was fun to see BootBuddies out and in action on the street.

So I was out last Saturday when they had the main street of Canmore groomed with snow & a girl walked by with some of her friends, wearing a pair of BootBuddies. (Which made me smile.) They stopped right in front of me (and probably thought I had some problems because I was unabashedly staring at them and listening to their conversation) and the girl was talking about the fast & female event at which she had been. Then she said, "and my dad got me a pair of BootBuddies!" and kicked one of her feet up almost over her head, to show off her BootBuddy. I was so proud. It was my first BootBuddy sighting that was a BootBuddy obtained in the normal, retail way.

Our new merchandising containers... stackable, recyclable, and made in the USA.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Green BootBuddy

Of all the things that irk me, uggs worn with mini skirts, dull rollerski ferrules, mosquitoes, non-aviators who wear aviators...

right up there on the list is EXCESSIVE PACKAGING on small products. Seriously, does something have to come in a package ten times its size in order for consumers to think it's worth buying? Or, as in this instance, infinitely larger since what they're selling is a 25-digit membership number.

Don't get depressed, this isn't going to be just another whiny blog. While I don't control the universe (yet) I do control a very small line of cross country skiing accessories. While I was thinking about how to display BootBuddies in stores, I decided that it's important to take your personal values with you into your business life. I hate buying things and then filling up my garbage or recycling bin with the packaging. Therefore...

We are offering the BootBuddy in stores, package free.

Seriously, buy a product, don't pay for the accompanying trash.

Look for your BootBuddies in your local Cross Country Ski shop in a display jar on the counter.


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Sunday, January 24, 2010


A random couple of photos from Alaska last fall. It first I thought this was just a terminal morraine with piles of gravel and debris that the glacier had pushed out and then vegetation had grown over. Except that the glacier was still there, there were trees growing on top of ice hills and streams cutting through the ice. These are not small features either. And these trees are normal sized trees. Isn't the world amazing?

Those hills in the background... made of ice. covered in full-sized treed and brush.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laura Valaas, Caitlin Compton, Nicole DeYoung

The 10k Classic today was one of the stranger races. I think at one point I was skiing with my right foot in the track because it was starting to ice and my left ski out because that's the only place it would kick. It is also the first race in which I have ever stopped to tie my shoe. Or tighten my boot laces. Whatever. I hadn't had time to preview the course but I had heard there were some tight s-turns and once I started I realized how squirrly the tracks were and then I thought that I should have tightened my boots. And then there was a long straight downhill. So I did. I would consider that good time management skills while tucking. ?

Laura Valaas

Laura Valaas

Laura Valaas

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

SuperTour Win

Caitlin Compton, Rhonda Jewett, Laura Valaas, Katie Ronsse, A-final

I finally had my first SuperTour win of the season! And it was in the fabulous Methow valley, which I love. And the sun was shining. And birds were singing. And helicopters were hovering in midair over the venue. The day couldn't have been better.

Torin Koos won the men's race...

Torin Koos

Look a little bit closer... Koos is actually hovering in midair. Yes. Exactly as though he himself was a helicopter. Amazing. Remind me to do a better jump skate next race so I can have a sweet picture like this of my feet.

Torin Koos

Laura Valaas, semifinal

Today was perfect for my BootBuddies, a gadget designed to protect your boot sole & keep the snow out. Especially on sprint days when we're taking our skis off and on so many times it's nice to have the BootBuddy in and not have to worry about digging the snow out of my boots every time I put on my skis.

Laura Valaas

Tomorrow is a 10k Classic!

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fast & Female

Laura Valaas

Kikkan hosted the 2nd Annual Anchorage Fast & Female event this Saturday at Kincaid! I thought the event went spectacularly. We had 230+ girls aged 9-19 out skiing and hanging out with us. And many of the top competitors from US Nationals stayed the extra day to be instructors at the event. We had a wide range of ages and abilities, from girls brand new to skiing to some of the fast junior racers in town. Activities included a two hour ski (these girls are tough!), sandwiches & hot chocolate (courtesy of Subway & Kaladi Bros.) A short talk from Kikkan with a Q&A, and even a yoga session for the older girls.

Share the Love. Dominate the world.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Laura Valaas, Kikkan Randall, & Ida Sargent

Today was the last race of the 2010 US National Championships. I did my typical ski-faster-every-race (3:39.0, 3:38.4, 3:31.7, 3:29.3). Miss Kikkan & I were the only women to ski the course in under 3.5 minutes today.

Laura Valaas & Kikkan Randall & Nordic Fruit Pink Lady Apples

I was disappointed to have such a slow qualifying time. Grr. And I'd been doing such a good job with that so far this year. The starter in front of me did scratch so I didn't have anyone to chase, which I think makes it more difficult to get a good prelim time. At least for me.

The rounds were wonderfully fun, however, I felt like a ski racer.


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The start line of the women's 20k. On the left of the photo is a gap. Yep, that's where I was supposed to be. Apparently everyone else operates on a be-at-the-line-five-min-to-start. I'm more on the two minute schedule. If you don't feel a little panic, you're too early.

If you look closely Liz is in the middle with her foot up having someone chip the snow out of her boot. I really wish there was a solution to that problem... hmmm. (I'm still not on the line yet.)

And we're off, skiing into the darkness.

Laura Valaas

Kikkan Randall coming in for the win.

Laura Valaas

Racing is hard.

Giving Caitlin Compton a hug-- congrats on the medal!

Morgan Arritola

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Monday, January 04, 2010

10k skate

Sunday, January 03, 2010


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