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Friday, December 11, 2009

Laura Valaas & Katie Ronsse with Nordic Fruit High-Octane Pink Lady Apples!

Our supple of pink lady apples survived the border crossing into Canada so I'm all set and still eating two premier Nordic Apples a day. Yum. So tart and tasty.

Now we're in SilverStar, one of my favorite ski towns!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Important decisions are being made here.
Becca Rorabaugh collapsing after her impressive sprint and dramatic lunge (taking third overall).

This is how today went:
Won my quarterfinal...
Sadie Bjornsen. Laura Valaas.
(although obviously Sadie and I aren't exactly challenging each other for the line.)

Then the semifinal...
Katie Ronsse, Holly Brooks, Laura Valaas, Ida Sargent, Sadie Bjornsen, Jamie Bronga.

Which I won...
Holly Brooks. Laura Valaas.

Too bad I managed to DFL the final. If I wasn't so depressed, I'd be impressed.

More happily, APU overall did really well...

Kassandra raced really well, it's good to see her bouncing back from some of the health problems she's been dealing with this past year.

Kassandra Rice

Katie skied to a victory in the B Final.
Katie Ronsse

And Holly Brooks, of course, is absolutely on fire and more or less winning every race she enters, any distance, and technique.
Holly Brooks, Laura Valaas, Becca Rorabaugh.

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Bozeman ST

Sprint race today.

Results & race information available at bsfnordic.com.

Tomorrow is a 10/15k classic. It's supposed to be cold (and potentially windy) up at Bohart so they might either delay the start or move to a 3k loop at Lindley park. Wake up at 7am and check the website to find out. Or you may not. But I will be.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ian Ethan

Our favorite musician-skier is going to be playing in Bozeman Saturday night!

Ian Ethan will be playing at Music Villa Saturday night 6-7pm. Ian is, as you probably already know, an amazing double-neck guitarist. Watching him play is pretty inspiring. & I just started learning how to play (two days ago) so I'm ready to be inspired.

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