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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wenatchee, town of apples

I made it home to Wenatchee this morning and there right as I walked in my door was, in fact, a large box of freshly picked Wenatchee apples making the entryway smell like an apple orchard. Ah... apples that actually smell like apples!

I ran with my alma mater this afternoon-- the Wenatchee High School cross country running team (mostly to run with my little sis since there's not too many kids I know in HS anymore, but it was also great to see my old running coaches). They were doing a long run this afternoon. And by long they meant 45min which is not exactly what I would call "long." I'm sure I thought that was a long workout when I was running HS XC; it's funny how quickly your definitions of a long workout change. So I scoffed at the "long" run and set out with the team (after warm-up & drills) and quickly stopped scoffing because I realized that it had been a long time since I'd run on pavement. I hadn't appreciated the difference between running on pavement and dirt before but switching from all dirt to a 45min pavement run made me aware that it's HUGE. I'm sticking to dirt. That's probably why, in retrospect, I didn't manage to injure my feet or legs this summer.

(Some people buy new shoes, I'm opting not to run on pavement.)


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