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Monday, October 15, 2007

Rollerski Races

Rollerski races are interesting things. More ski specific than anything else so you'd think they'd give an accurate snapshot of how the racers compare to each other. Then you throw in the ski speed variable and the the results can change from the same group in a snow ski race. Differing rollerski speeds are annoying. The only time it's useful is when Mary and Jane want to train together but Jane's way faster than Mary-- then you can put Mary on faster skis or Jane on slower skis and everyone's happy. In a race different ski speeds are good if you are racing to get a result. You can go buy the fastest rollerskis and give yourself a better shot at beating more people. Different rollerski speeds are bad if you're racing to get an accurate assessment of how your ski fitness compares to the other racers.

I wish there was a chart that gave factors for each type of rollerski or wheel so that if you were on X ski and Y wheel you would multiply your race time by 1.05 and if you were on W ski and Z wheel you would multiply your race time by 1.12. Then you could have an actual finishing time and a modified finishing time that would make it easier to compare across rollerskis. This chart would probably have to consider body mass of racer, temperature of pavement, and terrain to compare skis.

Until that's created here's the secret to rollerski racing with people on faster skis: ski faster.


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