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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This afternoon I skied for the first time on the Birkie trail. In fact, it was my first time ever skiing in Wisconsin. Which is shocking to me since I've been training here most of the summer and fall. I also felt slightly embarrassed for WI because the snow was so low and the trails were understandably sketchy so it didn't make a great first impression. We did get to ski with the Hayward High School team and even play a game of tag (if there were winners and losers in tag, Gregg would be the loser today). I was psyched to finally be skiing on the famed Birkie trail, but sad because I will be leaving again soon and won't get to explore the many ski trails in the Cable-Hayward area.

Yesterday I bought a plane ticket to Munich. Yep, just a ticket to Munich, no return flight scheduled. I recommend buying a one-way flight at some point in your life, just flying somewhere and not really knowing when you'll be back, keep life exciting. I know I will be competing at U23 Worlds in Italy. Then a couple races in Germany. Then, who knows, we'll see. So the first three weeks in Europe are planned out and my passport doesn't expire until 2012. Just kidding, I'll be back before then.


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