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Monday, January 01, 2007


I'm not typically big into New Year's Resolutions but if I had to state one for this year it would be this: remember names. Historically, I haven't been great at remembering names. (I'm not sure if it's legit to use "historically" to refer to the past 22 years, but I'm trying to pull it off.) Mostly I think because I didn't expect anyone to know my name so there was no pressure to know their name. But now I'm thinking there's a slight chance that people I run into on the ski trails and have kinda/sorta met before might remember my name. So it would behoove me to be proactive in the name-knowing game and make a solid effort to remember names of people I meet. This is really just the most recent goal on a long and ongoing goal list that happens to fall on January 1st and so gets a special title.


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