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Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Mad-Town Sprints

Okay, first I need to give mad style points to Mark Iverson for last nights 100m sprints. One of Mark's skis came off at the finish of one of his sprints. Since they had just dumped enough snow to hold the 100m sprints, there wasn't exactly a lot of run out after the finish so you had to slide to a stop pretty quickly. Mark managed to make a nice sweeping turn and come to a stop... on one ski. I was impressed.

Tonight (8pm start for the ladies) was the team skate sprint: 2 skiers per team, 4 legs per skier, 2 laps per leg, 2 180° corners per lap. It was tougher than I had thought it would be because at every corner and on the one steep, man-made hill/obstacle you would almost come to a dead stop. Then you'd have to get back up to speed for 150m before hitting another corner/steep hill. That's 6 stop 'n go's per 1km leg. And that, I realized, can tire you out. Don't worry, Compton & I managed to pull ahead & take the victory.

There's the MadNorSki Bear, mascot of the Capitol Square Sprints, hanging out & he (or she?) gave the flowers out to the men's podium. After they were all up, the bear stood in front of them & did a little dance. I watched the guys expressions:
Eric Strabel (APU, 1), Colin Rogers (FSX, 3), Zach Simmons (FSX, 3): Whatever, there's no bear.
Bryan Cook (CXC, 2): smiling with a Christopher Robin "silly old bear" kind of expression.
Garrott Kuzzy (CXC, 2): Big grin and laughing. But then again, when does Kuzzy ever not have a big grin?
Lars Flora (APU, 1): Has this priceless very expressive look saying, "why in the world is this person dressed up in a bear costume standing in front of me and dancing around like an idiot?"


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