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Saturday, January 27, 2007

a fast team

All of my teammates are fast. Our slowest teammate today was 14th, still top 15th, and he was 3rd last weekend. Our other CXC Team members were all stellar: Compton (1), Valaas (6), Kuzzy (2), Cook (3), Liebsch (8), Gregg (9), Watt (14). Wow, I mean, there's really no weak link there.

I've never been on a team this fast before. Not to mention dedicated and motivated, which I think comes before the fast part. It helps to be surrounded by people who are striving towards the same kinds of goals that you are. When your teammates are training hard and you see them doing everything they can to become faster it makes it easier for you to do the same. And it helps to have the emotional support of doing something as a group where you have encouraging, understanding people around you.

And I think that the supportive positive atmosphere that we've been training in all year is showing in our results as a team.


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