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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Uphill" Time Trial

Fish had been talking up this big hill in the Porcupine "Mountains" in Michigan, that went up and up and up for miles and miles and miles. So he's had this big time trial looming over us for forever. We finally skied it today and I would say, "for the Midwest, it was a pretty good climb." Unfortunately, there was also quite a bit of flat between pitches so it wasn't quite the hill Fish made it out to be. We did get to hike up to some "summits" and check out some nice views. Before our TT we hiked (about 400m) to the Summit of the Porkys and afterwards we hiked (about 300m) to overlook the Lake of the Clouds. The time trial itself was, um, slow for me. slow. Leaving me wondering why I'm slow. I'm going to ponder that for awhile.

Now we are in Houghton, MI to preview the courses for Senior Nationals in January and get in some good intensity training. We had the good fortune (and someone, Fish, I think, had the good networking skillz) to set us up with host families. All four houses are close and it is super-duper nice to be staying in HOMES and not HOTELS. I dislike staying in hotels; I never really relax or feel welcome. Gregg and I are staying with Brian & Rima Carlson and right now there is a lasagna baking in the oven for dinner!


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