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Thursday, October 19, 2006

This has become my standard post-workout, post-shower outfit since I came back to Hayward. My Grandmother made me the fair isle hat, although I cycle through my hats so that changes. I made it until my senior year at Whitman without acquiring any Whitman clothes (other than for sports teams) and then I finangled my way into getting this one because one of the Whitman PR people was very nice and wanted me to wear it for my interview with Fox Sports Network and I was very nice and said that I would if I got to keep it. And now I have it and it's new/unworn enough to still be soft on the inside. Finally, look what I drug out from the bins under my bed while I was home! It's my pink polar fleece skirt! Only two like it in the world, you can't buy this kind of fashion, baby. The other belongs to Miss Kristina Owen and they are the result of one of our high school sewing escapades. Not that the sewing escapades stopped after we graduated from high school, hardly. In fact, I believe there's a couple of pairs of faux fur knee high boots that might make it out to the ski racing scene this season!  Posted by Picasa


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