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Friday, October 20, 2006


Despite being a strange assortment of individuals thrown together, the CXC team functions almost like some kind of normal family. Mostly I say this because we share chores and eat together. I imagine it to be like running a farm, minus all of the actual hard work since we're only running a part-time household. But I'm still kind of impressed with us. Here's an example of how our chores break down. Yesterday, Caitlin and Gregg went grocery shopping for the group. I made dinner tonight (green chicken curry over brown rice, Cook actually made the rice). Kuzzy made a pumpkin pie, which we scandalously didn't get around to eating. After dinner everyone (except me, ha ha, because I cooked!) cleaned up and did dishes. I started the breadmachine so we will have a loaf (raisin/walnut/apple) done at 6:50am tomorrow. Gregg and Cook got the substantial pile of recycling ready to go out tomorrow; we've been receiving lots of Salomon gear lately. It's interesting to be in a household with peers where all this stuff gets done smoothly. In college I almost completely dropped anything that wasn't absolutely necesary for my school or skiing so now it's nice to enjoy a little bit of normality.


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