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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The first day I stretched out because everyone else did. The second day I warmed up with conviction because I knew I was about to get beat up. I'm warning you, don't think about bobsledding unless you can touch your toes pretty easily. When those G-forces force your upper body down, it's going to bend whether you want it to or not. And if you're not that flexible, you're going to be sore. Oh wait, you'll be sore anyways. I hear you get used to it, but my upper back is sore from getting slammed around in the sled. Crazy. After I'm in the sled, I bite down on my mouthgaurd, grab the handles, put my head down, and close my eyes. I don't even notice I have them closed until I open them when the sled slows down. Wow. What a strange sport. I don't know how Sara can stay focused and sharp enough to drive while she's getting slammed into the side of the sled. I'm glad I'm not driving.


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