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Monday, October 16, 2006

Home, Again

I'm starting to feel like every place I go is my home. With so much travel, I guess figuring out how to feel at home anywhere might be a necessary survival skill. It was particularly nice to come back to Scott & Kay Wilsons' Cresthill Resort in Hayward, WI where I have my very own room that has some of my stuff in it waiting for me. Jake, the big stuffed dog on the bed. That nice ski bag my dad bought for himself and I have permanently borrowed leaning up in the corner. The World of Pooh book that RJ gave me. The American Poetry Anthology that Alan gave me. A closet and a dresser so I can finally take my clothes out of my duffel bag.

I was also very happy to see some of my teammates. Bryan Cook finally (after unfortunately being sick/injured all summer) made it to a camp. I drove up from the twin cities today with Caitlin Compton and Brian Gregg -- I'm sure it would have been an exciting trip with them but I fell asleep in the backseat. Matt Liebsch is sick and won't be up for a few days. Garrott Kuzzy's been holding down the Cresthill homestead for us. And Andre Watt, well, I never really know what he's doing. Bryan Fish will be over bright and early to get the camp started with some isometric strength tomorrow morning!


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