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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hayward, late fall

It's that eerie time of year here in hayward when fall is ending, but there's no snow on the ground yet. (okay, it's actually snowing here right now, but it's not sticking.) The trees have shed their leaves and look skeletal without a blanket of white snow to soften their angles. It's too cold to want to bike, but there's no snow to ski on. It's cold enough to want to work hard in the intervals, but there's no snow to ski on. The fallen leaves and snow flakes melting on the asphalt make the roads slippery to ski on, but there's still no snow to ski on. In Wenatchee or Walla Walla I wouldn't usually get this antsy in October since I wouldn't expect to be able to ski until December, but here the approaching snow seems so close that it makes me impatient.


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