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Thursday, May 18, 2006

No School Day

To celebrate my first no-more-school-day I went with Greg Dering, Mara Abbott, Mia Huth, Noah Bronstein and Eric Shoettle on a Long Ride. We meandered all around the country side: first out Lower Waitsburg Rd. to Waitsburg and then a loop on Columbia School Rd. that went beyond Waitsburg, back to Waitsburg, up over Elevator Shaft hill to Dixie, up Biscuit Ridge Rd, over Tracy Rd on the gravel, down Blue Creek, up Mill Creek, over Scenic Loop Rd in the gravel, over Five Mile hill, and, finally, back down Mill Creek to campus. I had lots of hills, lots of heat, lots of water, and lots of raisins (there are not many options for training food in my cupboard, but raisins are a great standard). My legs are worthlessly tired and my pee is a dark, dehydrated yellow but there couldn't be a better way to spend a summer morning!


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