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Friday, May 12, 2006

2006 TTT

It was a blustry day for the TTT this morning. The barriers at the start finish area kept blowing over, fortunately I did not blow over. I used a tri-spoke front wheel and disk rear wheel despite the heavy wind and could actually control my bike fine even in the aero bars. The trouble with aero wheels is that they catch the cross winds and tend to throw you sideways if you are not bracing for it. Our team started first (the defending national champions are supposed to start last, but we didn't pre register) and everything went smoothly. The team consisted of myself, Mara Abbott, Rebecca Jensen, Kate Ceronsky. Parts of the course were fast with a tail wind, some were dead slow with a head wind and others forced us into a pronounced echelon (drafting to the side instead of directly behind someone). We finished in 40:25.50, beating the next DII women's team by about 1:30 and beating the winner of the DI women's race by .19 seconds! One of our goals at the beginning of the season was to have the fastest TTT time of all the women's team at nationals so it feels good to accomplich that! Our men also rocked and placed second in the DII men's TTT... 45 seconds behind Lees McRae (N. Carolina). Since Lees McRae placed second in the DII women's TTT we are tied for first as a team with Lees McRae. Tense, but exciting!


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