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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hotel Jelovica

"Light and refreshing french vanilla with a tart campanion of cherry." So Leif Zimmerman described our ice cream tonight. The ice cream here is unbelievable, so creamy and rich. I'm not going to be able to settle for cheap grocery store ice cream again. The ice cream is on par with the 2^6 brix (or 26, for the non mathematical) ice cream... except you get more! Don't worry, I don't only eat ice cream. I also had some sort of applesauce cake. And the other options were strawberry pudding with whipped cream and sprinkles and some white and lemon cake with pastry top and bottom. I keep planing on trying something the next day, but then they put out something new. Maybe I will have to start eating dessert at breakfast just to keep up.

Soft cooked brown eggs and pure grapefruit juice at breakfast are the best, though. I also have Muesli and yogurt everymorning. Hotel Jelovica is taking very good care of us. Kudos to Katie Gould for setting everything up!


Blogger Meg Enroth said...

Dessert for breakfast!....my kind of eating program! Of course I'd have to do the skiing program to balance it...bah.


January 31, 2006 2:14 PM  

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